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About Me

My Story

I've spent 25+ years in the corporate world and in that time I've held various roles leading teams and serving clients. The aspect of my career I have always loved most is coaching. 


I grew up as a super stressed, overachiever with massive anxiety and not a whole lot of joy.  I loved the tagline of Lexus in the 90's, the "relentless pursuit of perfection".  I couldn't imagine anything better and I lived by that motto. I made 6 figures before I was 30.  I also didn't sleep well, had massive panic attacks and often felt miserable but didn't know why.


About 8 years ago while attending a women's seminar where Brene' Brown was speaking, I found out being a perfectionist and people pleaser was not the ideal way to be.  Wait, WHAT? This rocked me to my core.   


This new revelation sent me into a personal development whirlwind where one of my biggest takeaways was how limiting and stressful perfectionism can be.  This realization combined with many other tools I've learned and adapted have enabled me to continue to be successful and in pursuit of my dreams but with minimal stress and a whole lot of peace.  

I want to share that with you!

My Credentials & Experience

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from IPEC

  • Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

  • Masters of Business Administration - Eastern Michigan University

  • Bachelor of Science, Finance - Colorado State University

  • 27 years sales and relationship management in Fortune 50, Fortune 100 and small business

  • 13 years leadership including executive leadership 

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) member

Who I Help

If you have achieved a high degree of success but still want to take an area of your life to the next level (get the promotion, scale your business, improve your relationships) or if you've achieved what you wanted but it's not quite what you expected, I can help!

How I Do It

I would love to help you get what you want!  No more wondering what if.  No more constant stress and overwhelm. Lots of peace and calm.  Tools to help you recognize when you're off track and to help you achieve a life you love

What's in it for You

Through one on one coaching we discover what it is you want to achieve and what has been stopping you from doing so.  We'll develop a plan to get you what you want and I'll hold you accountable to make sure you get it.  

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