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Corporate Team Coaching

Quick Sync
Studies show many Leaders and Entrepreneurs are:
  • Overwhelmed with too many responsibilities and can’t seem to get ahead even though they work all of the time

  • Frustrated that they can’t seem to surround themselves with those who can do the job the way they do or have the focus and dedication they have

  • Concerned about the issues they know their employees are having from the drastic changes in the workplace through the pandemic and now with the return to office

  • Struggling with how to get to the next level because the business has relied on them for everything to this point and they are exhausted

  • Fighting fires and working IN the business instead of ON the business - with a lot of “have to” and “need to” energy

  • Stressed out and wanting to spend more time with their families but have absolutely no idea how to balance everything

Does this sound like your leadership team or you?

In a Meeting
Coaching will help you and your team feel
  • Focused on the thoughts and activities that will get the desired results instead of getting stuck on unproductive tasks


  • Aligned with what they care about and how that relates to the Company's purpose so they are engaged and motivated


  • Empowered to show up as their authentic selves with their full capabilities and talents shining through


  • Connected to each other with the belief that together you can achieve the plan


  • Accountable for staying on track toward the plan and to each other


Coaching is the most effective method for:
  • Creating long term behavioral changes in individuals and teams


  • Increasing employee satisfaction, feeling of wellbeing, and retention


  • Improving employee engagement and productivity


  • Fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion


  • Modernizing and optimizing your leadership development program

How it Works

  • We start with a 30 minute complimentary session to discuss the challenges you and your team are facing as well as a review of your short and long term goals

  • We will schedule a 60 minute follow up session to review a fully customized proposal based on the initial consultation 

  • Most corporate team coaching packages include:

    • An ELI assessment for each team member

    • A group ELI debrief session 

    • Private one on one coaching for the leader and each team member

Notepad on Desk
Corporate Team Coaching

Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about customized team packages

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